Q:Do I have to first register on wwds.ca (online form under ‘Member Section’) in order to register for society events?

A: No. Anyone, even non-wwds members, can register for our society events – unless otherwise stated.

Q: I registered with wwds.ca (‘Member Section’), but I still can’t log on?

A: Once you register with wwds.ca you will receive a confirmation email that confirms your registration was received. One of the executive members or our executive secretary will review your registration, confirm you are a paid member, and then activate your registration. At that time you will receive a second email confirming your registration is complete. You then have access to the ‘Member Section’ to view important society information deemed private and not for public access.

Q: I forgot my password for wwds.ca?

A: The website administrators don’t have it nor do we have any way of seeing your private information. ClickĀ  links provided on the login screen (within ‘Member Section’) to retrieve your username and/or password.

Q: Why do I need to register at wwds.ca if it is not required to register for society events?

A: First, registering at wwds.ca gives you access to the ‘Member Section’ which contains society documents deemed private and not for public access. Second, by registering at wwds.ca you are helping us build our member database.

Q:Is my password and username from the old website the same as for this website?

A: No. This site is completely self-serve. Administrators do not manage your private information. You will be required to register as a new user this year.


If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks!